Bounty, an homage to the classic “B” Western, is a tribute to my father. He grew up on Westerns and always had dreams of becoming a singing cowboy.

By design, Bounty was a blend of old and new: Classic black-and-white cinematography updated with a modern approach to camera movement and editing. A score that echoes the sound of the West, but brings a fresh instrumentation and style. A story where the white hats and black hats are often worn by the same people.

After months of preparation and research, I took a crew of forty out to the desert for a six-day shoot. Every set-up as storyboarded and plotted to maximize our limited location time. It was a grueling shoot. But thanks to our extensive preparation, we were able to create a great tribute to the classic genre.

Festivals & Awards: Bounty screened at nine U.S. film festivals, taking “Best in Show” At the Kern Film Festival, and an Honorable Mention at the Festival of the West. It was also a finalist at the USA Film Festival.

Because of its striking use of black & white cinematography, Bounty and its cinematographer Steve Goodman were featured in the March 2003 issue of American Cinematographer.