Portfolio Category: Live Action

In God We Trust

Many years ago, I had the great pleasure to be part of the producing team on a couple of Jason  Reitman's early short films. In God We Trust was a festival favorite.
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Bounty, an homage to the classic “B” Western, is a tribute to my father. He grew up on Westerns and always had dreams of becoming a singing cowboy. By design, Bounty was a blend of old and new: Classic black-and-white cinematography updated with a modern approach to camera movement and editing. A score that echoes…
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Lost and stranded, a woman regains her  purpose and inspiration after making a very surprising discovery. Finding the right location was one of Jane’s biggest challenges.  The title character needed to be completely isolated in order make her sense of desperation believable. After many days of wandering through the desert, we found it. The old…
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