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Talking “The Force Awakens” on Nerd OutCast Podcast

Chris Bashen's Nerd OutCast Podcast starts 2016 off with a bang as we discuss the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.  Many passionate nerds join us for the discussion, including Ricky Glore, Ryan Bond, Robert Shumate, DJ Fink, Orion Couling, Chris Lloyd, and myself.

What did we all think of Episode VII?  Is Kylo Ren redeemable?  Are there too many familiar plot devices, or does the film find its own voice?  And what do we hope Episode VIII and IX bring to the table?  We chat all this and more on this fantastic episode!

Talking Ghostbusters on Nerd OutCast Podcast

Chris Bashen's Nerd Outcast Podcast's Halloween month concludes with a deep dive into Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2!  It was great fun to join host Chris Bashen's round table of Ricky Glore, Rob Shumate, Kitten McCreery, and Pete Navis to break it down.

Was this the best Reitman collaboration?  Which Ghostbuster is truly the best?  Is this Bill Murray's best performance?  Is the second movie really THAT bad?  We chat all this, and obviously give some love to that awesome theme song, on this spook-tacular episode!

Talking Return of the Jedi on Nerd OutCast Podcast

Host Chris Bashen leads a no holds barred discussion the final part of the Star Wars trilogy, Return of the Jedi!  Fellow panelists include Orion Couling, Matt Young, and Christian Missonak.

The outcast is returner Melissa McNamara, who finally concludes her journey through the original trilogy.  Did she like the film?  Are the Ewoks an issue, or does something else hold the film back?  Is the Death Star a tired plot device at this point?  And what's with that siblings thing?  We discuss all this, including some Buddhism, in this fantastic finale!